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QuebecUNDERGROUND est une communauté billingue dédié exclusivement à la scène Punk&Oi! underground du QUÉBEC. Le but principal est de faire connaitre et annoncer les concerts des groupes underground non-commercial du Québec, tout en ayant un public-cible idéal et majoritairement québécois.

Comme il n'existe aucun autre projet du genre, un des buts est également de documenter le plus possible la scène underground du Québec en rassemblant le plus d'informations possible sur la scène et ses groupes du présent et du passé. Ainsi, la base de donnée a pour objectif de regrouper les informations, les photos, les vidéos, les diverses apparences, (etc) pour chacun des groupes

En étant membre, tu pourras aussi participer au forum de discussion de QuebecUNDERGROUND, une communauté pour les punks et les skinheads, l'endroit idéal pour se réeunir, s'organiser, discuter de musique et débattre sur la politique avec des camarades de la scène.

QuebecUNDERGROUND facilite l'interaction et l'unité de la scène partout au québec en fournissant des sections locales et régionales, et en regroupant les membres, les groupes, et les salles par leurs RÉGIONS -- facilitant ainsi la connaissance de nouvelles personnes, de nouveaux groupes, et l'émergence d'un mouvement alternatif plus unit.

QuebecUNDERGROUND est un initiative du collectif RESiSTANCE, un site des plus actifs dans son genre, dédié à tout ceux prenant part à la lutte contre le capitalisme, dont notamment la scène punk&skin engagée. QuebecUNDERGROUND est une sorte de retour aux sources de RESiSTANCE, qui au départ était un site entièrement québécois, mais qui a prit une tournure plus internationaliste et s'est éloigné de la scène québécoise au fil du temps.
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The Prowlers
Ce groupe est actif!
(mis-à-jour: 6.04.08 11:27 pm)

Style Musical: Oi!
Région: Montréal
Site Web / MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/theprowlers

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The Prowlers have been heard around the world, and of course, in their hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Prowlers originally formed in 1998 with Sylvain as the lead singer, John on guitar, Stephan on drums and Alex on bass. They did their first show at the old Jailhouse Rock café with The Generatorz and as they say, the adventure was only beginning. Over the course of the next year, the Prowlers kept working at making a name for themselves. After releasing a limited edition demo, The Prowlers were immediately approached with an offer to have their demo remastered in order to be released as part of a split CD, The International Streetpunk Intrigue, with the Italian band Oversight, which was released as co-production between Mad Butcher Records in Germany and KOB Records from Italy in September 2000. The Prowlers overcame small bumps in the road like Alex quitting the band (after the band got into a fight at a concert they did in Granby, Quebec). Fred, who was also playing bass for Montreal Streetpunk band, The Generatorz, jumped on board to replace him a few months before they left for their first European tour. Shortly after their European tour they entered Westwood Recording Studios in Padderborn Germany to record their first full-length album entitled Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, which was also released by Mad Butcher and KOB Records.Felix(Ex Street Troopers) play the second guitare with them in this time for about 2 years and write 3 songs on the mini-cd "Chaos In The City". In May of 2001, they celebrated the release of their first album in Montreal in a memorable and fun-filled haze of beer and violence. Only months later the band returned to Europe for their second tour, where they played with such bands as Analogs and Stage Bottles. Taking some time out from their tour to once again return to Westwood studios, the band recorded five new tracks, including a cover of Chaos, by the legendary 4 Skins. Since that tour there have been a lot of changes within the Prowlers. David who originally joined the band as a second guitarist took over the duties of lead guitar, and was joined by Dan on second guitar, and their newest member Sin, stepped in to replace Fred on bass. Both members are veterans of the Montreal hardcore scene and brought their passion and experience to the band and have served to bridge the gap between the HC and streetpunk community and have brought new exposure to the band, as more and more HC kids can be seen at a Prowlers show. In 2005-2006, the biggest change to the band has been the return of John, the original guitar player, coming back to the band after being away for a few years. At the end of 2006, John stop to play with us again but still in our family and Sin quit to make something else so Max, a old friend of us join the band to play the lead guitare and Phil,ex-drummer of Budda Buldoser join us to play the bass. As for the music, The Prowlers are an Oi! band and that will never change. They still remain inspired by most of the classic British Oi! bands that created the original spirit of rebellion in the early 80's, but are also inspired by contemporary bands such as Wretched Ones, Guttersnipe, Loikaemie and Bonecrusher. A larger influence on the band, and more important to them is where they come from, the city of Montreal and the legacy of great bands. It's their roots, and they are proud to continue to build on the groundwork of those that have come before. The Prowlers pay tribute to these bands of yesterday by including a cover of N.D.G by the Discords and Drunken Skinheads, a reworking of a classic shanty done by Gassenhauer, two of Montreal's first Oi! bands. With this new line-up the band is more united and stronger than ever and you won’t want to miss out on any of their upcoming shows. Don't be shy to write your comments, question or opinions about us in the guestbook. We don't care if you don't like us, we just hope you hate us with a passion, otherwise it's not worth it. OI! IS DEFINITELY NOT DEAD!

anarchoi (06/04/08)

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